Standnummer: 3.B054


DERMADROP – the worldwide unique treatment concept for the whole body that merges in-depth efficacy with an enjoyable treatment. No direct skin contact needed therefore pleasant and without pain.


Over het bedrijf

The brand DERMADROP belongs to the Meddrop BioMedical Technologies GmbH, an innovative life science company based in Hamburg, passionately dedicated to excellent skin care. With scientific expertise, Meddrop BMT exploits new paths with a spirit of curiosity, courage and innovation.
Within DERMADROP, the Meddrop BMT merges two entirely independent disciplines: innovative application technology and development of the production of dermatological cosmetic active formulations. This is unique in the cosmetics sector and ensures long-term and measurable aesthetic success for DERMADROP customers. As everything developed focuses on practical feasibility, Meddrop BMT has optimized its patented TDA technology specifically for the aesthetic and dermatological applications of DERMADROP.

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